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Jewelry tycoon

Happy Clients

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Jewelry tycoon


Mr.Mehregani is the founder of a jewelry company in Jordan. He reached us through Alibaba, was hoping to find a supplier solving his products’ packaging problem. He wanted to display his products in an innovative way – by hanging them in the store, which they haven’t done before. After reviewing his detailed requirements, we responded promptly with five solutions. Mr.Mehregani picked two of them, one is hanging hardcover box and the other is blister packaging box.

In addition, Mr.Mehregani decided to use our complementary design services based on our responsive and professional client services. Our design team recommended him to keep corporate color and brand identity consistent so as to establish his brand image and strengthen future development of the brand. It’s a great honor that he loves our design and took our advices, and apply our design into his overall product line packaging.


Mr.Mehregani visited our factory in early October. We showed him around the factory and got samples ready for him to test.  He was satisfied with our products and equipment. During his visit, he acts more like a kind grandpa, make us feel warm and sincere. We will do our utmost to cooperate with our clients, and try to exceed clients’ expectation in the future.