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Friendly “Giant”

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Friendly “Giant”

                                                                                                                                                                                                – German SLEEVEMATIX-Marco, Gräber


Our connection with Mr. Marco Gräber have begun since May 9, 2017 when we received his first inquiry about his integrated hardcover box.

Marco is 2.07 meter tall, and that’s the reason why we called him a giant. He showed us what a German gentleman be like with his friendly manners and gentleness.

As the founder of Sleevematix, Marco’s professional attitude and comprehensive product knowledge impressed us.

  Friendly “Giant”--Hardcover box customer Friendly “Giant”--Hardcover box customer Friendly “Giant”--Hardcover box customer

In mid-July 2017, he visited our factory and did an overall inspection includes factory environment, work flow and product quality. Our back and forth communication through

emails and in person lasted for 2 months since July. All details were discuss thoroughly: paper materials, design brief, printing colors, box sizes and mechanics to make

the box easy to operate. With our joint efforts, we completed the project in early September, half month ahead of Marco’s expectation. We cannot achieve the great

outcome without continuous communications and professional services.

                                hardcover box hardcover box

Thanks to Marco’s trust and his advocacy for our company in Germany. He insisted that Germany is the ideal market for our company and he would do

whatever he could to help us expand our market share there. His endorsement is a remarkable recognition and inspiration to our team, and we will

strive to getting better at what we do those hardcover box.

Grateful for meeting nice clients like Marco.