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Address:2/F, 6th Building, 98th DCC cultural creative park,Pinghu street, Longgang District,Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province , China

Why Choose Us

Company Advantage

“Time is gold”, our worker have efficient work efficiency.

It takes less than 8 hours to quote、less than 3 days to sample、mass production less than 8 days.

An average of 10 years experience of our production worker and sample maker.

Service Advantage

In order to service, Our campany can provide free design、composing、blank sample.

Also, we have the professional Printing & Packaging solutions team for customers.

Quality Advantage

Our paper materials through various kinds of environmental protection certifications.

Such as  EGF、PCF、AF、WP、FSC GA etc.

We have advanced Germany machine and X-rite instrument to control color.